Wize The Barber

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720 Governor Morrison Loft 21, Charlotte NC 28211
, Charlotte, North Carolina
Detailed Information

Wize the Barber has been rooted, seasoned, and polished by the incomparable and encapsulating brilliance of NYC’s innovation with undeniable swag. There is no question about the astute governing nature of his professionalism and commitment in an ever changing industry. Using clever sophistication and refined elements in men’s grooming, Wize knows all too well the value of classic esthetics, appearances, and the importance of total well being. He moves with magical ease in making men look like “gentleman”. Excellence is only a piece of his personification. Half-Man/Half-Amazing? Yes! Half-man equates to pushing past the boundaries that seem to be impossible. Half-Amazing completes the formula; because he obviously understands the unrelenting totality of his gifts and talents have been bestowed upon him form the one and only Almighty.