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The Barbershop was an American cultural icon from the early twentieth century through the late 1960s. For generations, men went to barbershops for a fine haircut and to enjoy great conversations with the barber and fellow clients.

In the late 1960s the unisex craze swept across America and barbershops almost disappeared. Men’s choices were limited to salons that were devoid of everything they enjoyed about getting a haircut.

Interesting conversation and personal relationships were replaced by cold plastic seats and unpleasant chemical smells. Stylists often cut at lightning speed to move from one client to the next as quickly as possible.

Barbers are trained in cutting men’s hair, Stylists spend very little time if any time at all on the art of cutting men’s hair!

A barber knows how to cut a man’s hair. If you’re like most men these days, you’re probably going to some unisex chain salon like Supercuts.

The problem is that many of the people who work at salons are not trained barbers. They’re cosmetologists. The difference between the two can spell the difference between a dopey-looking haircut and a great one.

A barber is trained to cut with clippers and shears, the main tools in cutting a man’s hair. Cosmetologists, on the other hand, are trained to use shears and are not as comfortable with clippers. Their training is geared towards catering to women’s hair. They become experts in styling, coloring, and perming – things a man has no need for. That’s why when you ask the stylist at SuperCuts to use the number 2 on the clippers, you walk away with a bad haircut. She’s probably not well versed in how to use them. But a barber can employ the clippers with finesse.

After more than thirty years of decline, barbering and barbershops are making a comeback. In fact, barbershops are on the rise and growing faster than beauty salons.

Remember the old-time Barber Shop that Dad took you to when you were a Kid?
If you are no longer interested in discount chains and unisex salons, try the manly atmosphere of a barbershop.

At Olde Village Barber Shop and Venice Barber Shop each quality haircut comes with a Neck Massage and Nostalgic Hot Lather Neck Shave!